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Suffering Temptation

My child, When he walked on the earth, my son suffered temptation.  He was perfect in every way.  His spirit was absolutely in tune with mine and with my will.  When temptation came his way, he did not give in. However, he did suffer when experiencing temptation. You see, he was so perfect and so […]


Dear Servant, Many in your day collect antiques. They look through attics and scrounge through the trash, looking for a prize they can put on display. Some of those antiques have been poorly treated, in rough condition, far from the intent of their maker. Despite the marks, they are proudly displayed because they are beautiful in […]

Seat of Mercy

My child, My Son did live life without sin, but that does not mean he does not understand how you feel. He was tempted in every way that you have or ever will be tempted.   My Son faced the worst of temptations and because he was divine, he had the power to commit the most heinous of […]

Good from Evil

Dear Servant, You live in a sinful world. From the greatest king or president to the poorest beggar, all are sinful. I remind you of this to help you remember the nature of the world in which you live. That you are bombarded daily by sin and its effects should be no surprise to you. […]

Constantly Saving

Dear Servant, Of course I could! By the power of my spirit I could do a miracle in your life. I could overcome that sin that so easily trips you up. You could walk on and not even notice the temptation. If I did that, what would be different in your heart? Would you value […]