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Life and Death

Dear servant, My son Paul wrote in my word “to live is Christ and to die is gain”. These words have echoed throughout the history of Christianity, and are no less true today. I have saved you so that each day, in the mundane and the extraordinary you can be a witness of the salvation […]


Dear Servant, The secret to true joy lies in salvation. Sin leads him to despair, lostness and separation from all that is good. Only through salvation, through the sacrifice of my son can life be redeemed. When life is redeemed, then man can know true joy. His burden has been lifted, his life can be […]


Dear Servant, I know you have seen it before, the joy of the father who hears an infant speak his first words. The child utters “da da” and the father’s heart fills with joy. No one who sees that moment stops to question the child’s understanding or motivation. No one points out the fact that […]

Your Salvation

Dear Servant, You do not understand. Your salvation is complete in Christ. It is finished. Nothing can be added to it or taken away from it. My Son did his perfect work and there is nothing else left to do. You are saved from your sin and yourself. It is precisely for this reason you […]