If you have come to this site, perhaps you believe like I do, that God is still speaking. Every day and in so many ways He is speaking to us.  As often as we read the Bible, His Holy Word, we can hear from Him.  He also speaks to us through his Holy Spirit that lives within us.  God is all about relationship with us and is speaking to us.

Is God still writing letters to us like He did in the Old and New Testament?  No, I really do not think so.  Is what you write in any way as inspired as the Bible.  No, it is not. I do want to attempt to write down some of what I hear God speaking to me.  This is a very personal blog in some ways as most of what I write relates to how I hear God speaking to me.  Some letters, however, are inspired by sermons, the words and lives of others and just the ordinary daily life where God speaks through His creation.

What should I do with what you have written?  You should search the scriptures to see if anything I write is true.  You should seek God through prayer and time with Him to see if He is saying the same thing to you.  While I do believe God will speak to us through others, what He says through others will never contradict His word and He will also reveal to us through His Holy Spirit.  Never accept anything I write, nor what anyone else writes or preaches without searching the scriptures first to see if it is true.

I hope you are inspired by what I write to walk closer to God each and every day!

Your servant, Glen

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