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Dear child, You are completely unnecessary for any plans or works of my kingdom. You do not bring anything that I do not already possess. All material wealth you bring I already own. All words you can say about my kingdom and work, I have already expressed better and more completely through my Holy Spirit. […]

Fretting about tomorrow

My son, Why are you fretting about tomorrow?  Have I ever failed to provide?  Have I ever failed to lead and deliver?  Yes, you have gotten out of my will.  In stubborn rebellion you marched off to solve your own problems your own way.  Was I not there?  Did I not discipline, draw you back […]

Hang Out

Dear Servant, I long to spend time with you, to reflect, hang out, and get to know each other better. Often, it seems you only come to me when you need something. The prayers are always, “Our Father, help my car to get fixed, provide for my needs, keep my children safe, answer this difficult […]

Heart Guard

Dear Servant, Living in the knowledge of the constant presence of my Holy Spirit is so important for many reasons. In particular is the guarding of your heart. Where is the defense for your heart? What is the filter that leads you in truth and protects you from believing lies? What voice cries out when […]

Every knee will bow…

Dear One, One day every person who has ever lived will acknowledge the sacrifice of my Son. They will bow before Him and confess that He is Supreme, Worthy of All Praise and Sovereign Over All. They will honor His sacrifice. All of humanity, those that scorned His name, used it as a curse and […]