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With You

My child, I am with you. I am with you while you sleep and when you get up. While you prepare yourself for the day, eat the morning meal and read the day’s news, I am still here. I am with you in the mundane times like the school car line, the terrifying times such as […]


My son, You live in a temporary world where nothing is permanent. Yes, from your finite place in time, things can seem permanent, but governments will fall and lives will be lost. Policies will change. Some will retire and move on, new ones will take their place. Rot and decay will take the most treasured […]

Good from Evil

Dear Servant, You live in a sinful world. From the greatest king or president to the poorest beggar, all are sinful. I remind you of this to help you remember the nature of the world in which you live. That you are bombarded daily by sin and its effects should be no surprise to you. […]


Dear Servant, You live in interesting times.  So much of what you do day in and out is observed.  From traffic cameras at every intersection, video monitoring in the store, online tracking of every site you visit and everything you purchase, you are always being watched. The uncomfortable truth for humanity is that I am […]

God of all…

Dear Servant Yes, I am the God of all people. I know there are many who do not acknowledge me or even believe I exist, but I am their God too. I made them, provided my earth for them and they will ultimately answer to me someday. Imagine a passenger on a plane who suddenly […]