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Old World

My child, Once you have become alive in me, then you have died to this old world. Its pleasures grow dimmer and dimmer the closer you and I become. This world grows cold and unfulfilling and when you attempt to return to it, it does not satisfy. What use to be sweet to you is […]


My child, Sin leaves scars. You remember the story of my son Peter. How he denied and cursed when confronted with his relationship with my son. Do you think he did not look back on that event with pain and embarrassment over what he had done? He did go on in grace to serve me. […]

Good from Evil

Dear Servant, You live in a sinful world. From the greatest king or president to the poorest beggar, all are sinful. I remind you of this to help you remember the nature of the world in which you live. That you are bombarded daily by sin and its effects should be no surprise to you. […]