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Life and Death

Dear servant, My son Paul wrote in my word “to live is Christ and to die is gain”. These words have echoed throughout the history of Christianity, and are no less true today. I have saved you so that each day, in the mundane and the extraordinary you can be a witness of the salvation […]

Old World

My child, Once you have become alive in me, then you have died to this old world. Its pleasures grow dimmer and dimmer the closer you and I become. This world grows cold and unfulfilling and when you attempt to return to it, it does not satisfy. What use to be sweet to you is […]


My child, Yes, I do know the actual date on your calendar when my son was born.  No, it is not December 25th, the day commonly celebrated.  No, I am not the least offended that this day was chosen to celebrate the birth of my son.  Any pagan origins related to the choice of this date are not […]


Dear Servant, So many have asked about heaven over the years. Yes, it was built as my word describes. Gold, silver, jewels and so many wonders you cannot imagine them. It is a glorious place and human thoughts and words cannot begin to describe how beautiful is its design and construction. As you marvel over […]


Dear Servant, The secret to true joy lies in salvation. Sin leads him to despair, lostness and separation from all that is good. Only through salvation, through the sacrifice of my son can life be redeemed. When life is redeemed, then man can know true joy. His burden has been lifted, his life can be […]


Dear Servant, Humans fear so many things. When sin entered the world the peace of living daily with me was shattered and fear began to reign in men’s hearts. One fear that spreads like a cancer is fear of abandonment. You have seen it on this earth, a child abandoned by its parents in a trash can, […]


Dear Servant, I know you have seen it before, the joy of the father who hears an infant speak his first words. The child utters “da da” and the father’s heart fills with joy. No one who sees that moment stops to question the child’s understanding or motivation. No one points out the fact that […]


Dear Servant, Many in your day collect antiques. They look through attics and scrounge through the trash, looking for a prize they can put on display. Some of those antiques have been poorly treated, in rough condition, far from the intent of their maker. Despite the marks, they are proudly displayed because they are beautiful in […]

Lay It All Down

Dear servant, Lay it all down. Lay down the worry you have for tomorrow. What part of tomorrow can you change by worry? Lay down your grief over the sins you have committed. Has your grief paid the price for your sin?  Lay down your fear over the future. Who holds the future in his hand? Lay […]