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Dear Servant, The secret to true joy lies in salvation. Sin leads him to despair, lostness and separation from all that is good. Only through salvation, through the sacrifice of my son can life be redeemed. When life is redeemed, then man can know true joy. His burden has been lifted, his life can be […]


Dear Servant, Many in your day collect antiques. They look through attics and scrounge through the trash, looking for a prize they can put on display. Some of those antiques have been poorly treated, in rough condition, far from the intent of their maker. Despite the marks, they are proudly displayed because they are beautiful in […]


Dear Servant, What does it mean to be my servant? My son (who took on the form of a servant, even though he was The Son) said it so well when teaching his disciples. He told them that in my kingdom the first shall be last and if you want to be the greatest in […]


Dear Servant, You are a traitor every time you sin. Each time you knowingly march into the enemy’s camp and give away all that is precious in our relationship for the lies of this world and the pleasures of your flesh, you are a traitor. You bow down to what is unholy, you cover self […]