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My child, The story of Mary is a beautiful, familiar one. Though she was only a young girl, not mature in her parents or anyone else’s eyes, she was chosen to be blessed to bear my son, nurture him and be his earthly mother. I chose Mary for my purposes and blessed her because of […]

With You

My child, I am with you. I am with you while you sleep and when you get up. While you prepare yourself for the day, eat the morning meal and read the day’s news, I am still here. I am with you in the mundane times like the school car line, the terrifying times such as […]


My child, One of the great struggles you have in following me is dependence versus independence. Your culture teaches you that one of the highest values in life is independence. Being completely free from having to depend on anyone for anything is the unspoken goal. The problem is my kingdom teaches utter dependence as one […]

One With the Father

My child, Why do you think my son chose to live on earth as a man, suffer as a human being, endure torture, beatings, and ultimately die on the cross? Was it a simple matter of duty? Of call only? Or was it something much more meaningful that motivated him? My son lived the life […]