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My son, I know you beg and plead for me to give you the answer you seek. You want direction now. You feel so overwhelmed you just want an end to the agony of uncertainty. The problem is that answers like that only give temporary relief. Yes, if you got the answer today, you would […]

Peace in Obedience

Dear child, I know you want peace. I know that this upheaval that you face has made your world spin and stressed you beyond comfort and reason. You have turned to me to seek guidance, peace and hope in the midst of this chaos. I hear your prayers and my heart is tinder to you […]

Lay It All Down

Dear servant, Lay it all down. Lay down the worry you have for tomorrow. What part of tomorrow can you change by worry? Lay down your grief over the sins you have committed. Has your grief paid the price for your sin?  Lay down your fear over the future. Who holds the future in his hand? Lay […]

Your Salvation

Dear Servant, You do not understand. Your salvation is complete in Christ. It is finished. Nothing can be added to it or taken away from it. My Son did his perfect work and there is nothing else left to do. You are saved from your sin and yourself. It is precisely for this reason you […]

Speaking Peace

Dear Servant, I know that you want answers and you want directions. It is not that I do not care about where you go or what choices you make, I care desperately about those things. But today, for the benefit of all of your life I am not speaking in directions, giving “left” and “right” […]