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New Year

Father, I cannot help but remember last New Year’s day.  I was content with life and looked forward to a new year.  I had plans and visions for what the year would bring; reunions and travel, graduations and celebrations and a good year without too many surprises. Everything seemed in hand.  I look back and see […]


My child, Sin leaves scars. You remember the story of my son Peter. How he denied and cursed when confronted with his relationship with my son. Do you think he did not look back on that event with pain and embarrassment over what he had done? He did go on in grace to serve me. […]

Seat of Mercy

My child, My Son did live life without sin, but that does not mean he does not understand how you feel. He was tempted in every way that you have or ever will be tempted.   My Son faced the worst of temptations and because he was divine, he had the power to commit the most heinous of […]