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True Friend

My child, Real relationship requires truth. With acquaintances you may exchange some pleasant, often meaningless words, but with a true friend, you share your heart. The good, the bad, the joy and the heartbreak are all things that true friends share. You might say, they are true friends because they share their hearts with each […]

Beyond what is comfortable

My Child, If you only serve within areas you are comfortable or skilled how will you ever know what you can do through me? Yes, I have gifted you and I expect you to use your gifts to serve me, however, those gifts cannot be the limit of what you do for my Kingdom. You […]


Dear Servant, It is a generally accepted truism in most human performance activities, like sports, that you only play as good as you practice. Time spent with the instrument, getting each note right, time spent with the coach, mastering each skill until it becomes second nature is what will allow you to perform when the […]


Dear child, While I relish the dedicated times of prayer and worship, when you read my word and seek my guidance, I want you present with me all the time. My gift of the Holy Spirit is a gift of constant presence. I am with you all day and every day. No matter the circumstance, […]