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Dear Servant, So many have asked about heaven over the years. Yes, it was built as my word describes. Gold, silver, jewels and so many wonders you cannot imagine them. It is a glorious place and human thoughts and words cannot begin to describe how beautiful is its design and construction. As you marvel over […]


My son, It is always a struggle to trust me and my goodness. The sinful world you live in always seeks to lead you astray. Satan will always whisper in your ear that this time I am leading you down the wrong path, that this time I am leading you to disaster when the path […]

Eternal Dwelling

Dear Servant, I know you are homeless. I know you have no piece of ground in your name, no deed or title to a house, no little cabin, no shed, not even a lean-to to call your own. I know this makes you feel rootless, adrift and uncared for. But I have only allowed this […]