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New Year

Father, I cannot help but remember last New Year’s day.  I was content with life and looked forward to a new year.  I had plans and visions for what the year would bring; reunions and travel, graduations and celebrations and a good year without too many surprises. Everything seemed in hand.  I look back and see […]

Grace not Condemnation

Dear Servant, Do you recall the story of Joseph from the Old Testament? In a moving confession, Joseph forgives his brothers and tells them that although they meant to do evil against him, that I used their evil for good and saved Joseph and his whole family. After Joseph’s father passed, the brothers openly question […]

Fretting about tomorrow

My son, Why are you fretting about tomorrow?  Have I ever failed to provide?  Have I ever failed to lead and deliver?  Yes, you have gotten out of my will.  In stubborn rebellion you marched off to solve your own problems your own way.  Was I not there?  Did I not discipline, draw you back […]

Good from Evil

Dear Servant, You live in a sinful world. From the greatest king or president to the poorest beggar, all are sinful. I remind you of this to help you remember the nature of the world in which you live. That you are bombarded daily by sin and its effects should be no surprise to you. […]

Your Salvation

Dear Servant, You do not understand. Your salvation is complete in Christ. It is finished. Nothing can be added to it or taken away from it. My Son did his perfect work and there is nothing else left to do. You are saved from your sin and yourself. It is precisely for this reason you […]

River of Grace

Dear Servant, Do you see the river as it flows by? Can you guess how many cubic feet of water are flowing by per second? With a river so wide it is almost impossible to comprehend the volume and force of the river as it passes. Though there is no earthly comparison, the flow of […]

Constantly Saving

Dear Servant, Of course I could! By the power of my spirit I could do a miracle in your life. I could overcome that sin that so easily trips you up. You could walk on and not even notice the temptation. If I did that, what would be different in your heart? Would you value […]