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My child, The story of Mary is a beautiful, familiar one. Though she was only a young girl, not mature in her parents or anyone else’s eyes, she was chosen to be blessed to bear my son, nurture him and be his earthly mother. I chose Mary for my purposes and blessed her because of […]


My child, Yes, I do know the actual date on your calendar when my son was born.  No, it is not December 25th, the day commonly celebrated.  No, I am not the least offended that this day was chosen to celebrate the birth of my son.  Any pagan origins related to the choice of this date are not […]

Blessing or Trial

My child, You do not know what you pray for. The stress and pressure that blessing you want would put upon you and our relationship would be extraordinary, even overwhelming. Confused? Blessings are tests and trials wrapped in beautiful paper. You immediately accept them, but you do not know what is inside. You understand tests […]

Beyond what is comfortable

My Child, If you only serve within areas you are comfortable or skilled how will you ever know what you can do through me? Yes, I have gifted you and I expect you to use your gifts to serve me, however, those gifts cannot be the limit of what you do for my Kingdom. You […]

Good Gifts

My son, The problem does not lay with the blessings I have given you. Having your needs met and many wants satisfied is not the problem. Comfort and stability are not the issue. Health, friends, peace, and all the other blessings I have given you are also not the trouble. The problem lays in your […]


Dear Servant, So many of the gifts that I give my children are overlooked or discounted. They are not flashy or on the surface appear to be extravagant but they are invaluable. One such gift I have for you is purpose. So many in the world are lost and wandering aimlessly. They are without purpose. They do […]