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My child, The story of Mary is a beautiful, familiar one. Though she was only a young girl, not mature in her parents or anyone else’s eyes, she was chosen to be blessed to bear my son, nurture him and be his earthly mother. I chose Mary for my purposes and blessed her because of […]

True Friend

My child, Real relationship requires truth. With acquaintances you may exchange some pleasant, often meaningless words, but with a true friend, you share your heart. The good, the bad, the joy and the heartbreak are all things that true friends share. You might say, they are true friends because they share their hearts with each […]


Dear Servant, I know you have seen it before, the joy of the father who hears an infant speak his first words. The child utters “da da” and the father’s heart fills with joy. No one who sees that moment stops to question the child’s understanding or motivation. No one points out the fact that […]