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My son, It is always a struggle to trust me and my goodness. The sinful world you live in always seeks to lead you astray. Satan will always whisper in your ear that this time I am leading you down the wrong path, that this time I am leading you to disaster when the path […]


Dear Servant, So many of the gifts that I give my children are overlooked or discounted. They are not flashy or on the surface appear to be extravagant but they are invaluable. One such gift I have for you is purpose. So many in the world are lost and wandering aimlessly. They are without purpose. They do […]

Father’s Business

My child, Do you remember when my son said, “I must be about my father’s business…”? Do you realize that he was the most talented person that ever lived? Because he did not carry the destructiveness of sin on his mind and body (to say nothing of the fact that he was fully divine) he […]


Dear Servant, Do you remember the words written by my servant Jeremiah? “You will find me when you seek me with your whole heart”. You seem so fearful that you will miss the way. You seem so concerned that somehow you will take a wrong step, get off the path, and miss the way. While […]

Speaking Peace

Dear Servant, I know that you want answers and you want directions. It is not that I do not care about where you go or what choices you make, I care desperately about those things. But today, for the benefit of all of your life I am not speaking in directions, giving “left” and “right” […]