Trenches of the Mundane

My son,

Will you serve me when there is no fanfare? Will you serve me when you are passed over and others you deem less qualified are chosen and you are left behind? Will you serve me where there are no normal comforts you are so accustomed to enjoying? Will you still do good works when others get credit for them? Will you minister to those who can never pay you back? Will you serve those who are less mature than you, less worthy than you think yourself to be? Will you lay aside any hope of fame, fortune, prosperity, and the accolades of men and serve me on the battlefield of everyday life? Will you continue on day after day in the mundane for the simple reason I have asked you to endure?

Your life may suffer active persecution at times, but the day to day life of my servant, my child, is often one of humility and service in the trenches of the mundane. Many of my servants have faced death for what they believe and sadly many more will face such a choice. However, for you today, the choice is not heroic sacrifice or cowardly denial of your Lord, but rather the choice to serve on when only you and I will notice the service and the sacrifice made.

Calling you to serve daily, I AM

Verses for consideration: Philippians 2:5-11, Romans 5:1-5

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