Feeding of the Five Thousand

My child,

Remember the story of my son you call “the feeding of the 5,000”? Faced with great need my son took a few meager offerings and blessed them to meet the need of thousands who had listened to his teaching. With the help of his disciples, the food was distributed and all those that were hungry that day had enough. In the telling of the story, it is often overlooked that the disciples were just as hungry as those in the crowd. They had been with Jesus just as long as the crowds. They were just as far from sources of food for sale to meet their own hunger. While the disciples were participants in the miracle by helping my son, they were also recipients of the miracle. While no one’s meal that day can be called a feast, from the smallest to the greatest their needs were met, including the disciples.

Child, if I took care of the disciples in their service to my son, will I not take care of your needs while you serve my people? If I blessed the offering of that day to be adequate for the need, will I not bless the offering of your day to be adequate as well? Put aside the worry and fear and follow me. I am the same God today as I was then.

Feeding you and so many more, I AM

Verses for consideration: Matthew 14:13-21, Psalms 37:25-26, Luke 12:4-7

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