New Year


I cannot help but remember last New Year’s day.  I was content with life and looked forward to a new year.  I had plans and visions for what the year would bring; reunions and travel, graduations and celebrations and a good year without too many surprises. Everything seemed in hand.  I look back and see how smug I was and am ashamed.  You know how things worked out.  While there were many celebrations, there were some overwhelming surprises. New job, new address, different continent, an uncertain future, so many sad goodbyes, loss of so many good friends that I worked with, health challenges, and a difficult diagnosis for my child and pending surgery, are just some of the things faced since the last new year.  I cannot help but ponder what I will face between now and when the next new year celebration comes.

O Father, without you I would have been overwhelmed.  Without you I would never have survived. Without you I would have been overwhelmed, abandoned to my sin and left empty and devastated.  Forgive my smugness. Thank you for your presence and mercy.  Walk with me every day of this new year, it is the only way I will get through it.

Surviving only by your grace and mercy, I am

Verses for consideration: Matthew 6:33-34, Psalm 39:4-7, James 4:13-16


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