Dear Servant,

If you set out to be holy on your own terms you are destined to fail. Do you remember all the stories of the Bible of the Pharisees? They were intent on the law, keeping themselves “holy”. They worked tirelessly on lists of laws to clarify my law and to make it fit every situation and circumstance. Many worked tirelessly to keep every little nuance of my law and what they added to it. What became of their efforts? They were empty of grace and true holiness and did not even recognize the True Law Giver when my son appeared to them.

It is not only Pharisees who can lose the way and not know my son. Many think that keeping all the teachings of their religious beliefs, their Christian religious beliefs, will make them holy. They quickly begin to resemble Pharisees, with cold structured hearts that do not know my ways or recognize my Son and the grace he offers. My child, my Son was so right to warn of the “leaven” or teachings of the Pharisees. Be on the lookout in your own heart for holiness that comes by doing and keeping the rules, rather than by grace and salvation in Christ alone.

Holiness, I AM

Verses for consideration: Matthew 23:13-39, Mark 8:14-21, Luke 18:9-14

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