Dear Servant,

Do you know what will happen to you tomorrow? When illness will come upon you next? Which loved one will soon pass from your life? What will cause your next heartbreak? Life is so uncertain. You are not all knowing, all seeing, present everywhere in all time and space. You do not have perfect knowledge. Even if you had those things they would do you no good. Your sinful heart would misuse them and you would be worse off very quickly.

Because of this uncertain world, I give you my goodness. If you have the faith that I am good, then no matter what comes, you know you can trust me to care for you as a loving father. Yes, you will be crushed by this life and feel your heart has been ripped from your chest at times, but I will be there to comfort you, heal you and teach you to be more like my son. You can trust my goodness, no matter the answer to life’s questions, no matter the circumstance. Place your faith in me, throw yourself on my goodness and see how I will stand beside you, even in the storm.

Goodness, I AM

Verses for consideration: 2 Peter 1:3-4, Psalm 145:3-7, Romans 15:13

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