Monthly Archives: December 2015


My child, Yes, I do know the actual date on your calendar when my son was born.  No, it is not December 25th, the day commonly celebrated.  No, I am not the least offended that this day was chosen to celebrate the birth of my son.  Any pagan origins related to the choice of this date are not […]


Dear Servant, In the wanderings of the children of Israel, they reached a point where the food they had brought with them from Egypt had run out. They began to be hungry and they grumbled and complained. “Why did we not die in Egypt where we had food to eat, rather than starve in this […]

Blessing or Trial

My child, You do not know what you pray for. The stress and pressure that blessing you want would put upon you and our relationship would be extraordinary, even overwhelming. Confused? Blessings are tests and trials wrapped in beautiful paper. You immediately accept them, but you do not know what is inside. You understand tests […]

With You

My child, I am with you. I am with you while you sleep and when you get up. While you prepare yourself for the day, eat the morning meal and read the day’s news, I am still here. I am with you in the mundane times like the school car line, the terrifying times such as […]


My son, You live in a temporary world where nothing is permanent. Yes, from your finite place in time, things can seem permanent, but governments will fall and lives will be lost. Policies will change. Some will retire and move on, new ones will take their place. Rot and decay will take the most treasured […]


Dear Servant, If you set out to be holy on your own terms you are destined to fail. Do you remember all the stories of the Bible of the Pharisees? They were intent on the law, keeping themselves “holy”. They worked tirelessly on lists of laws to clarify my law and to make it fit […]


Dear Servant, Do you know what will happen to you tomorrow? When illness will come upon you next? Which loved one will soon pass from your life? What will cause your next heartbreak? Life is so uncertain. You are not all knowing, all seeing, present everywhere in all time and space. You do not have […]


My son, I know you beg and plead for me to give you the answer you seek. You want direction now. You feel so overwhelmed you just want an end to the agony of uncertainty. The problem is that answers like that only give temporary relief. Yes, if you got the answer today, you would […]


Dear Servant, So many have asked about heaven over the years. Yes, it was built as my word describes. Gold, silver, jewels and so many wonders you cannot imagine them. It is a glorious place and human thoughts and words cannot begin to describe how beautiful is its design and construction. As you marvel over […]


Dear Servant, The secret to true joy lies in salvation. Sin leads him to despair, lostness and separation from all that is good. Only through salvation, through the sacrifice of my son can life be redeemed. When life is redeemed, then man can know true joy. His burden has been lifted, his life can be […]