Monthly Archives: November 2015


My child, Waiting is something most humans do not deal very well with. They get easily frustrated and impatient. They often rush forward to “fix” the problem themselves and sometimes make matters worse. In their haste and impatience they lose sight of the gift of waiting. What is the gift of waiting you ask? Waiting […]


Dear Father, Thank you for salvation, my only right to enter your presence, may I never take that for granted. Thank you my health, may I use it to serve you. Thank you for my mind, may I set my thoughts on the things of your Kingdom. Thank you for my family, forgive me when […]

Bearing Burdens

Dear Servant, The way to bear your burdens is to not bear them at all. Instead, bring them to me in prayer and allow me to bear them for you. Before you begin to recount all the times you have been overwhelmed by your burdens you have brought to me, you must understand this secret […]

Beyond what is comfortable

My Child, If you only serve within areas you are comfortable or skilled how will you ever know what you can do through me? Yes, I have gifted you and I expect you to use your gifts to serve me, however, those gifts cannot be the limit of what you do for my Kingdom. You […]

Good Gifts

My son, The problem does not lay with the blessings I have given you. Having your needs met and many wants satisfied is not the problem. Comfort and stability are not the issue. Health, friends, peace, and all the other blessings I have given you are also not the trouble. The problem lays in your […]


Dear Servant, Humans fear so many things. When sin entered the world the peace of living daily with me was shattered and fear began to reign in men’s hearts. One fear that spreads like a cancer is fear of abandonment. You have seen it on this earth, a child abandoned by its parents in a trash can, […]


My child, One of the great struggles you have in following me is dependence versus independence. Your culture teaches you that one of the highest values in life is independence. Being completely free from having to depend on anyone for anything is the unspoken goal. The problem is my kingdom teaches utter dependence as one […]


Dear Servant, It is a generally accepted truism in most human performance activities, like sports, that you only play as good as you practice. Time spent with the instrument, getting each note right, time spent with the coach, mastering each skill until it becomes second nature is what will allow you to perform when the […]

God of All

Dear Servant Yes, I am the God of all people. I know there are many who do not acknowledge me or even believe I exist, but I am their God too. I made them, provided my earth for them and they will ultimately answer to me someday. Imagine a passenger on a plane who suddenly […]