Peace in Obedience

Dear child,

I know you want peace. I know that this upheaval that you face has made your world spin and stressed you beyond comfort and reason. You have turned to me to seek guidance, peace and hope in the midst of this chaos. I hear your prayers and my heart is tinder to you in the midst of your struggle.

It is easy to get confused while following me. It is easy to think that following me in chaotic times is about sitting and waiting until you get a clear word from me, until you have peace and only after you find peace do you move forward. There are times where I will instruct you to wait and see my deliverance as I did many times in the Old Testament (Jehoshaphat comes to mind). The confusion comes because often peace comes after obedience. What have I commanded you to do? What of my will do you already know to do without having to ask? Do it with obedience. After you obey you will find peace through my spirit. Still worried you will miss the way? What master would not reward a servant who is being diligent in what they were told to do, while they waited for further instruction? Am I not better than any earthly master? Will I let you miss the way while you are being obedient? Do not wait for peace, be obedient and peace and many other blessings, will come in time.

Peace, I AM

Verses for consideration: John 14:26-28, Matthew 24:44-46, 2 Chronicles 20

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