Dear servant,

Moses delivery of the Ten Commandments clearly expressed my will. “You shall have no other gods before me” was not misstated. It is an affront to me for my creation to bow down to any of my creation or to make up gods and worship them. While I know you understand this truth, there are many in the world who are giving my glory to so many things that are not worthy of worship.

The problem for you is not graven images or idols of stone. The problem for you is more subtle. You are not bowing down to metal and wood and calling it “god”, however you are spending so much time on things that are not eternal you have no time for us. You worry about the future, the past, what others think, your job, your kids, your wants and desires, and so many other things that you do not take the time to walk with me. It is not that any of those things are necessarily bad, but when you do not walk with me regularly you cannot see any of those other things clearly. Put me first, spend time with me and then there will be room for the things that are important.

First, I AM

Verses for thought: Exodus 20, Matthew 6:25-34

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