Monthly Archives: October 2015


Dear Servant, Many in your day collect antiques. They look through attics and scrounge through the trash, looking for a prize they can put on display. Some of those antiques have been poorly treated, in rough condition, far from the intent of their maker. Despite the marks, they are proudly displayed because they are beautiful in […]


Dear child, While I relish the dedicated times of prayer and worship, when you read my word and seek my guidance, I want you present with me all the time. My gift of the Holy Spirit is a gift of constant presence. I am with you all day and every day. No matter the circumstance, […]


My son, It is always a struggle to trust me and my goodness. The sinful world you live in always seeks to lead you astray. Satan will always whisper in your ear that this time I am leading you down the wrong path, that this time I am leading you to disaster when the path […]


Dear Servant, What does it mean to be my servant? My son (who took on the form of a servant, even though he was The Son) said it so well when teaching his disciples. He told them that in my kingdom the first shall be last and if you want to be the greatest in […]

Peace in Obedience

Dear child, I know you want peace. I know that this upheaval that you face has made your world spin and stressed you beyond comfort and reason. You have turned to me to seek guidance, peace and hope in the midst of this chaos. I hear your prayers and my heart is tinder to you […]


Dear Servant, In the wanderings of the children of Israel, they reached a point where the food they brought with them from Egypt ran out. They began to be hungry and they grumbled and complained. “Why did we not die in Egypt where we had food to eat, rather than starve in this desert?” was […]


My child, Sin leaves scars. You remember the story of my son Peter. How he denied and cursed when confronted with his relationship with my son. Do you think he did not look back on that event with pain and embarrassment over what he had done? He did go on in grace to serve me. […]


My child, My favor lasts a lifetime. You cannot wear it out and you cannot outlive it. Your sins cannot tarnish it and your great accomplishments cannot augment it. You will never see its end. My favor on you began before you even knew that you existed, much less knew of my love and compassion for […]


Dear Servant, So many of the gifts that I give my children are overlooked or discounted. They are not flashy or on the surface appear to be extravagant but they are invaluable. One such gift I have for you is purpose. So many in the world are lost and wandering aimlessly. They are without purpose. They do […]

One With the Father

My child, Why do you think my son chose to live on earth as a man, suffer as a human being, endure torture, beatings, and ultimately die on the cross? Was it a simple matter of duty? Of call only? Or was it something much more meaningful that motivated him? My son lived the life […]