Monthly Archives: August 2015

Every knee will bow…

Dear One, One day every person who has ever lived will acknowledge the sacrifice of my Son. They will bow before Him and confess that He is Supreme, Worthy of All Praise and Sovereign Over All. They will honor His sacrifice. All of humanity, those that scorned His name, used it as a curse and […]


Dear Servant, You are a traitor every time you sin. Each time you knowingly march into the enemy’s camp and give away all that is precious in our relationship for the lies of this world and the pleasures of your flesh, you are a traitor. You bow down to what is unholy, you cover self […]

Speaking Peace

Dear Servant, I know that you want answers and you want directions. It is not that I do not care about where you go or what choices you make, I care desperately about those things. But today, for the benefit of all of your life I am not speaking in directions, giving “left” and “right” […]